Works for One Performer, Electroacoustic Pieces, and Other Projects

Chiaroscuro: Thank you I am Destitute (2021)
for solo voice and media

found: (2021)
for solo trumpet and media

there are no faces (2020)
for fixed media

Ten Compulsory Figures (2020)
for solo guitar

a knife at all times (in progress)
for fixed media and video

collection // collision (2018-20)[score]
for solo piano

[having // halving] (2018) [listen]
for fixed media

refortified // retrofitted (2017)[listen]
for solo Bb clarinet


– Avanzi col capo voltato sempre all’indietro? – oppure: – Ciò che vedi è sempre alle tue spalle? – o meglio: – Il tuo viaggio si svolge solo nel passato? (2017/18) [score] [listen] [watch][score video]
for voice and electronics

(glueing these birds to your arms has been great but I’ve grown to hate you.) (2016) [listen]
for solo electric bass


This room is full of distance (2015) [score][listen]
for solo saxophone (any)


Some of them were superstitious (2015/17) [score][listen]
for solo piano


Metabolismos 2: simularco solenne (2015/18) [listen]
for keyboard instrument(s) (one performer)