Large Ensemble (7+ Performers and Orchestra)

druck // durch (2017) [score] [listen]
for orchestra [ – – timp.2 perc – strings]


the forces of deformation, which seize the Figure’s body and head, and become visible whenever the head shakes off its face. (2016-17) [score] [listen]
for large wind ensemble (4.2.4.bcl.2 – 4 sax – 4.4.3.euph.1 – 3 perc)


You’re strange, but you smell good. So, I’ll tell you a secret. (2015-16) [score] [listen]
for mezzo-soprano and ensemble (tpt, perc, pno, pno, vln, vla)


thank you for not discussing the outside world (2014-15) [listen]
for soprano, alto, tenor and ensemble (flt, flt, cl, sax, sax, tpt, hrn, tbn, tuba, perc, pno, e.gtr, e.bass)
text by Leslie Scalapino