Most works can be heard here:

Chiaroscuro: Thank you I am Destitute (2021)
for solo voice and media

« mais les cris, vous connaissez ? » (2021)
for percussion, guitar, and viola

I have been the breadth of this story for so long (2021)
for euphonium, performers, and electronics

found: (2021)
for solo trumpet and media

the requested resource is already in use (2021)
for violin, guitar, and piano

mired (2020-21)
for five voices and media

there are no faces (2020)
for fixed media

Ten Compulsory Figures (2020)
for solo guitar

a knife at all times (in progress)
for fixed media and video

collection // collision (2018-20)[score]
for solo piano

camouflage has no effect on those who see the world in black & white (resemble // reassemble) (2019)
for two alto saxophones and ‘cello

[having // halving] (2018)
for fixed media

both // and (2017-18)
for amplified ensemble (perc, gtr, pno, vln, vcl) and electronics

druck // durch (2017)
for orchestra [ – – timp.2 perc – strings]


refortified // retrofitted  (2017)
for solo Bb clarinet


– Avanzi col capo voltato sempre all’indietro? – oppure: – Ciò che vedi è sempre alle tue spalle? – o meglio: – Il tuo viaggio si svolge solo nel passato? (2017/18) [score]
for voice and electronics


and then yr gone in italics and ellipses (2017)
for flute, bassoon, and trumpet


never broken a bone trying to hold on to something so hard (2017) [score]
for saxophone quartet


dilapidation and the circulation of debris (2016-17)
for mezzo-soprano, tenor, saxophone, and piano


the forces of deformation, which seize the Figure’s body and head, and become visible whenever the head shakes off its face. (2016-17) [score]
for large wind ensemble (4.2.4.bcl.2 – 4 sax – 4.4.3.euph.1 – 3 perc)


Why so bright? Why cast a shadow on anything? (2016) [score]
for 2 percussionists and electronics


(the collateral damage of redundant memory) (2016)
for percussion, voice, and violin


(glueing these birds to your arms has been great but I’ve grown to hate you.) (2016)
for solo electric bass


You’re strange, but you smell good. So, I’ll tell you a secret. (2015-16) [score]
for ensemble (m-s, tpt, perc, pno, pno, vln, vla)


This room is full of distance (2015) [score]
for solo saxophone (any)


(seal all the exits and feign ignorance.) (2015)
for flute, clarinet, and bowed string instrument


Some of them were superstitious (2015/17) [score]
for solo piano


_ \ | / _  (String Quartet) (2015) [score]
for string quartet


Metabolismos 2: simularco solenne (2015)
for keyboard instrument(s) (one performer)


thank you for not discussing the outside world (2014-15)
for soprano, alto, tenor and ensemble ( – – perc.pno.egtr.ebass  – sop.alt.ten –
text by Leslie Scalapino


your answer as an expression (2014)
for trombone, e. guitar, ‘cello, and piano


6!x4^6×21 (2014)
for 1-6 performers