Small Ensemble (2-6 Performers)

tongue turns to ash
 (in progress)
for piano and instruments

camouflage has no effect on those who see the world in black & white (resemble // reassemble) (2019)
for two alto saxophones and ‘cello

both // and (2017-18)[listen]
for amplified ensemble (perc, gtr, pno, vln, vcl) and electronics

and then yr gone in italics and ellipses 
(2017) [listen]
for flute, bassoon, and trumpet

never broken a bone trying to hold on to something so hard (2017) [score] [listen]
for saxophone quartet

dilapidation and the circulation of debris (2016-17)
for mezzo-soprano, tenor, saxophone, and piano


Why so bright? Why cast a shadow on anything? (2016) [score]
for 2 percussionists and electronics


(the collateral damage of redundant memory) (2016) [listen]
for percussion, voice, and violin


(seal all the exits and feign ignorance.) (2015) [listen]
for flute, clarinet, and bowed string instrument


_ \ | / _  (String Quartet) (2015) [score] [listen] 
for string quartet

your answer as an expression (2014)
for trombone, e. guitar, ‘cello, and piano

6!x4^6×21 (2014)
for 1-6 performers